Life and Times of Albert Einstein

Even though he did not receive the Nobel Prize for it, Albert Einstein is most well-known for his discovery of Theory of Relativity. Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 at Wurttemberg, a historical German territory. Then after six weeks, his family left for Munich. At Munich, Albert instigated his education at the Luitpold Gymnasium, a secondary school

History – Things You Should Know About Mathematics

Mathematics is just about as old as the existence of this universe. Of course, humans discovered or understood this concept it a lot later, but it has always been in existence. From ancient times, mathematics has been essential for making progresses in engineering, science, and other ways of life. It has been continuously moving forward

Practical Work Makes The Learning Process Easier

Science is, essentially, a body of knowledge about the existing world, so imparting the knowledge of science is unavoidably an objective focused activity. The purpose is not just to help students improve their knowledge of the natural world, but to grow it in a specific direction – to bring their thoughts and understandings closer to

Every Student Is Born With A Different Learning Style

For years together teachers and students had to go through a tough decision of how to learn and teach. As each teacher has his/her own style of teaching so is the style that differs with each student. The actual problem arises when the styles of both contradict to a large extent. Even when you notice

Simple Math Trick

If someone would ask you to solve math queries like: 150 x 36 ? 125 x 84 ? 35 x 12 ? For answering these math questions, most of us would immediately search for a piece of pen & paper or a calculator to obtain the results. However, if you are sitting for some major

5 Emerging Trends in education technology

The world of modern education has advanced itself with the advent of technology. With technological implications finding its way in almost all realms of life, the field of modern education is no behind. More educational institutions and organizations are adopting the means of technology towards imparting quality and high-tech education to the future minds. Here

Become a Genius with These Simple Mathematics Tricks

Mathematics is a fun subject to learn when you get a strong hold on its basics. If you wish to give your math skills a good boost, then a few simple tricks could help you out. These quick and shortcut mathematical tricks would help you solve complex math problems quite easily. Go through some of

Education Trends in 2017

As said by the influential Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which can change the world.”  With the ever evolving technological advancements, the education field is witnessing drastic changes. Traditional learning or conventional learning is of the bygone era. Practical learning is gaining impetus and is more appreciated which helps people learn more

Tips for Students to Cope Up with Their First Year in College

Tips for Students to Cope Up with Their First Year in College Is this your first time in college? College as a freshman could be exhilarating and an overwhelming experience at the same time. There is a mixture of excitement and nervousness about starting the first year of college life. If this is your plight,

Top Mistakes Committed by Students While Studying for Exams

Top Mistakes Committed by Students While Studying for Exams The examinations play a major role in deciding the overall academic performance of the students. While studying or preparing for the exams, it is quite common for the students to commit silly and unintended mistakes. However, these mistakes could lead to serious impacts on the life