Every Student Is Born With A Different Learning Style

For years together teachers and students had to go through a tough decision of how to learn and teach. As each teacher has his/her own style of teaching so is the style that differs with each student. The actual problem arises when the styles of both contradict to a large extent.

Even when you notice your own children, you will find that their way of learning is different from yours, when you learnt things as a child. You may also consider the way some teachers taught you to different than others and the reasons why a certain subject interest you more than other subjects.

Educational science has come up with answers to the questions as why some students struggle a lot when it comes to learning. The answer is that it entirely depends upon how they are taught.

Each child is born with a different style of learning and the current learning styles are described into 7 styles and they are


You prefer to learn through images, pictures etc.


You love to use words in writing and speech.


You love learning through music and different sounds that help you connect with the subject well.


You like reasoning, finding out the logic behind a subject and use systems to understand better.


You feel comfortable learning with use of hands, feeling of touch etc.


You prefer self-study while being alone. Self study helps you understand the topic well.


You love being with people while learning, discussing in groups to gather more information.

As a teacher or parent you may discover that each child has one style of learning while some students may have the pattern style of learning like a student can be a verbal as well as a social learner.

During homeschooling, it is important for parents to know the learning style that your kid posses as it will help you encourage your child and teach him/her according to their style of learning. This helps them grasp faster and get educated properly.

Teachers often stick to their own style of teaching and in case the students to not match that style they find it difficult to learn and this even ends up losing their interest in a particular subject.

It is equally important for the teachers and parents to observe their children and students carefully and try to understand their style of learning. Make sure you listen to your kids and their interests. Once you know the way they understands things better, it will be easy for teacher, parents and students to excel in education.

Interest plays a vital role and if your child is interested in certain topics, you will see them learning on their own at a faster rate. Once you know the actual learning style of your child/student, you will observe that it becomes easy to make them understand things better and faster. You have to adapt to their learning style rather than sticking to your teaching style.

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