How to Eradicate the Fear of Mathematics in School Students

How to Eradicate the Fear of Mathematics

“The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics.” – PAUL HALMOS

Does your ward become gloomy on hearing the word “mathematics?” Do the numbers and calculations appear as Greek and Latin to him/her? Well it is quite likely they fear maths to the point of avoiding it altogether.  A Google search on the phrase imminently throws up a lot of links on how to remove the phobia of maths.  Well firstly, to coin the term phobia to an interesting subject like maths is grossly exaggerated.

At some point or the other in school curriculum, students have to combat the subject mathematics with all its formulas and theorems.  Now one of the common misconceptions (frankly which I also had) is that it is meant to be studied by heart like any theoretical subject.  But, there is much more to this subject than just mugging up.

Once the right perspective towards the subject is developed, it becomes a little more than a cakewalk.  One look at the numerous maths kits offered by Nischal’s Smart Learning Solutions completely changes the outlook on maths in no time.  To say the least, Maths can be an excellent fun filled avocation for parents and children alike, no age bar on that!  Be it the dice games, charts, a real analogue 24-hour clock, geometry set, time distance charts etc, understanding the basic concepts of maths with clarity becomes astonishingly easier and faster.

Some ways for your child to grow over the fear of maths:

  • Maths is a subject that is better understood and assimilated through practice. The more practice, the more perfection gained.
  • Maths is everywhere around us in day-to-day life, not just in textbooks. By showing your kid practical examples of clock, dice, they will learn to appreciate the subject better.
  • Get the basic concepts right. Teachers and parents alike should make sure that the fundamental concepts in maths are strong for the kids and there is no room for doubt.  Nobody understands any concept the very first time.  So repetition may be required to drive the nail straight across.
  • For any subject like maths or physics, regular attendance is absolutely necessary. Any class missed out, and the next day everything becomes a blank.
  • Shortcut methods for doing calculations, as propounded by Vedic mathematics, can be encouraged.
  • Students should be monitored for concentration during the class. Given the required concentration, any task at hand can be easily accomplished.
  • Instead of reproaching your child on being slow in solving a problem, be patient and direct your energy find out the hurdle faced.

In retrospect, don’t fear maths, instead work on overcoming the fear and you will do wonders like many others. If you are a school management or a parent wants children to perform better in mathematics,

Nischal’s mathematics lab is one product that can comprehensively address this.

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