Nischal Narayanam becomes the youngest Chartered Accountant (CA) at the age of 19

Nischal Narayanam has become the youngest person to clear the Chartered Accountant (CA) examination. The 19 year-old boy is also a renowned mathematical genius. Although Narayanam has cleared one of the toughest exams in the country, he will have to wait for two more years to sign the balance sheets as the Institute of Chartered

Meet math genius Nischal Narayanam: India’s youngest Chartered Account is only 19

This week there have been a lot of geniuses in the news. From Yogendra Singh, the son of a rickshaw-puller, who got into IIM-Lucknow to nineteeen-year old Brijesh who cleared the IIT Advanced examinations. And now we have another genius- this time a 19 year old Math wizard. As a nine-year-old Nischal Narayanam spotted the mistakes in

This math genius is the youngest CA too

He will have to wait for two more years to sign on the balance sheets of the company as the ICAI doesn’t enroll members less than 21 years. The kid who spotted the mistakes in a balance sheet of his dad’s company as a nine-year-old has become the youngest Chartered Accountant in the country at