Meet math genius Nischal Narayanam: India’s youngest Chartered Account is only 19


This week there have been a lot of geniuses in the news. From Yogendra Singh, the son of a rickshaw-puller, who got into IIM-Lucknow to nineteeen-year old Brijesh who cleared the IIT Advanced examinations. And now we have another genius- this time a 19 year old Math wizard.

As a nine-year-old Nischal Narayanam spotted the mistakes in a balance sheet of his dad’s company and now he has become the youngest Chartered Accountant in the country at just 19, reports the Hindu.

Just take a look at these facts: Nischal was just eight when he passed several Sanskrit exams. These were not easy but equivalent to a master’s degree. In a year, he began spotting errors in balance sheets. And at 10 he was the world memory champion among kids and had even authored volumes of books on mathematics.

His mother who has a PhD. in Sanskrit was the one who found out about his love for numbers. She with the help of the Internet found people across the world to mentor him on his math skills.

Though he is the youngest to ever clear the CA exams sadly, he will have to wait two more years before the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) can enrol him as a member. They do not enrol members who are younger than 21 years.

Among his other accolades, he is: the youngest ‘Double Guinness World Record holder, youngest World Memory Champion, one of the “7 brilliant brains of the world” as accredited by National Geographic Channel and youngest graduate in the history of Osmania University from where he completed his B.Com and M.Com degrees. He was awarded the national child award for exceptional achievement. Amazing, isn’t it?

Reference – F.INDIA

Jul 24, 2015

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