5 Emerging Trends in education technology

The world of modern education has advanced itself with the advent of technology. With technological implications finding its way in almost all realms of life, the field of modern education is no behind. More educational institutions and organizations are adopting the means of technology towards imparting quality and high-tech education to the future minds.

Here are some of the top education technology trends that you can look forward to in the upcoming global education system:

  • Mobile Learning: Educational smartphone apps are gaining impetus in the recent times. The students can adopt the healthy means of mobile learning by downloading vital educational apps on their device. There is a myriad of educational apps available online that can be utilized by the students to achieve interactive learning with much ease. The best part is that most of these apps come for every subject category like Mathematics, English, and so more. Thus, the students can gain ample knowledge through these interactive mobile learning apps in the comfort of their home.
  • Makerspaces: A typical Makerspace is a collaborative space on a peer-to-peer basis wherein the learners can join to learn, work, educate, and innovate in a guided environment. Makespace stands for a”space” that is meant to create or “make” individuals. The incorporation of the Makerspace in an educational system implies the use of technology and multimedia tools like 3D printing, video, art pieces, and photography that tend to be accessible and maintained easily. Markerspaces emanate the notion of innovation, engagement, learning, and creativity.
  • Adaptive Learning: This is a computer-based technology in the learning arena that makes use of specialized learning technologies for modifying the presentation of the learning materials as per the individual needs. The concept of adaptive learning is mostly influenced by the data collected from various learning analytics. Adaptive learning is aimed at assisting higher educational institutes towards improving the graduation rates and reducing the dropout rates.
  • Virtual Reality: The concept of virtual reality has found its way into the education system as well. Using this technology trend, the students can virtually visit places to which they might not have the access to historical monuments, other countries, under the seas & oceans, and also outer space. With the implementation of virtual reality in the modern education system, the science & history classes could be highly exhilarating and fun.
  • Use of Holograms: The implementation of the holographic technology in the modern education system is another sought-after change the education systems are striving for. With the use of light beams, holograms are created. These are life-like 3D images or reflections depicting a person, some diagrams, places, and so more. This technology looks promising on the front of creating an interactive and engaging learning experience for the students as they are able to better learn & remember concepts through visual representation.

The world is experiencing the benefits of technology and its implementations across all phases of life. With the use of innovative learning technological trends in the present education system, the world can look forward to a new dimension of the learning experience for the learners!

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