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Benefits For Abacus Training For Students, Does Indian Abacus Training Enhance Memory Skills In A Child?

Benefits For Abacus Training For Students, Does Indian Abacus Training Enhance Memory Skills In A Child? What is Abacus Training? Abacus training is a way of calculation that makes big calculations easy. It was an invention of the Chinese and is now used throughout the world as a tool for brain enhancement.The course is aimed

Practical Work Makes The Learning Process Easier

Science is, essentially, a body of knowledge about the existing world, so imparting the knowledge of science is unavoidably an objective focused activity. The purpose is not just to help students improve their knowledge of the natural world, but to grow it in a specific direction – to bring their thoughts and understandings closer to

5 Emerging Trends in education technology

The world of modern education has advanced itself with the advent of technology. With technological implications finding its way in almost all realms of life, the field of modern education is no behind. More educational institutions and organizations are adopting the means of technology towards imparting quality and high-tech education to the future minds. Here

4 Top Habits of Productive Students

4 Top Habits of Productive Students You must have observed every top student of your class and must have envied them too for realizing how they are able to achieve success so easily. You must be thinking that they must be investing hours of endless study to generate the top results. However, there is an

4 Top Benefits of Online Learning for Students

With the technological development and the advancement of the Internet, its importance in the day-to-day life of an individual cannot be undermined. With several benefits come along the vital benefit of the Internet – the online learning for the students. Many students from around the corners of the world have been benefited from the immense

The Best Motivational Tips for the Students (for Nischal’s)

Students nowadays are leading a hectic life. With the increasing academic pressure, there is a stiff competition among the peers and this instills a notion of de-motivation in the majority of the young scholars. Everyone is in a need of some kind of motivational zeal to move ahead in life with confidence. Here are some