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Benefits For Abacus Training For Students, Does Indian Abacus Training Enhance Memory Skills In A Child?

Benefits For Abacus Training For Students, Does Indian Abacus Training Enhance Memory Skills In A Child? What is Abacus Training? Abacus training is a way of calculation that makes big calculations easy. It was an invention of the Chinese and is now used throughout the world as a tool for brain enhancement.The course is aimed

Digital Proliferation in Education

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think”, goes a famous saying. The current education system is continuously evolving. As such, there is a high need of the education system to adopt the latest advanced technology and innovations in an effective manner. The government is taking big steps

Aryabhatta – The Indian Mathematician

You must have heard about Aryabhatta- the leading Indian mathematician. Aryabhatta –also known by the name Aryabhatta I lived during the time 476-550 CE (presumably). The century of his life is still not clear. He was a famous Indian mathematician and an astronomer who became famous in the world for his immense contributions to the

Science Facts

Love science? Indeed for some students, it might have been a daunting experience learning science. Science is one subject that goes beyond the education received at schools or colleges. Science goes to some another level from the rocket science to even the minutest of biological science. For your surprise, there are several science facts that

8 Amazing Facts From The World of Science

Science is the most amazing thing in this universe. It is beyond our imagination, and beyond all magic tricks, you might have seen round you. Here are a few astonishing things that are known to the world because of advances made by the science. New Born Babies have about 100 additional bones than a grown

Life and Times of Albert Einstein

Even though he did not receive the Nobel Prize for it, Albert Einstein is most well-known for his discovery of Theory of Relativity. Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 at Wurttemberg, a historical German territory. Then after six weeks, his family left for Munich. At Munich, Albert instigated his education at the Luitpold Gymnasium, a secondary school

History – Things You Should Know About Mathematics

Mathematics is just about as old as the existence of this universe. Of course, humans discovered or understood this concept it a lot later, but it has always been in existence. From ancient times, mathematics has been essential for making progresses in engineering, science, and other ways of life. It has been continuously moving forward

Practical Work Makes The Learning Process Easier

Science is, essentially, a body of knowledge about the existing world, so imparting the knowledge of science is unavoidably an objective focused activity. The purpose is not just to help students improve their knowledge of the natural world, but to grow it in a specific direction – to bring their thoughts and understandings closer to

Every Student Is Born With A Different Learning Style

For years together teachers and students had to go through a tough decision of how to learn and teach. As each teacher has his/her own style of teaching so is the style that differs with each student. The actual problem arises when the styles of both contradict to a large extent. Even when you notice

Simple Math Trick

If someone would ask you to solve math queries like: 150 x 36 ? 125 x 84 ? 35 x 12 ? For answering these math questions, most of us would immediately search for a piece of pen & paper or a calculator to obtain the results. However, if you are sitting for some major