Education that promotes Innovation

What can Indians do? Well, we are rocket fliers, software engineers, cricketers, and curry eaters. This is the impression that many foreigners have about us! With a young population that’s bubbling with talent, we should have been called inventors, innovators, and discoverers. Sadly, that isn’t the case.

We Indians are a huge market for foreign technology. The Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, Americans and even some dot-sized South Asian countries find a great number of consumers for their technologies. We have a huge appetite for technology, but we don’t make it here.

Indians mainly export their human capital more than anything else. We churn out software engineers in the millions. We come up with unskilled labor in the zillions, but we are not able to come up with youth who innovate.

These statements might sound hard hitting, but the truth of it cannot escape the remotest common sense. Be it commercial innovation or a discovery in pure sciences, we seem to assume a very relaxed pace, one that prompts us to buy technology instead of making it.

Many of the country’s bright minds find favorable and conducive environs for pursuits of innovation in other countries rather than in the motherland. Systemic issues in the education system, red tape, funding, and a plethora of other things are put to blame. But, is the blame game of any use?

Right from the schooling phase, students in India are subject to the burden of knowledge. They have to remember and memorize so many things that it is impossible for both the schools and the teachers to induce a spirit of exploration and innovation. Moreover, students rarely get lab experiences.

With this approach, we have solved the problem of the employability of students, but we have not fulfilled the purpose of education. We have taken the rote method to its height and have found great success in it. The testimonial for it being the volumes of talent we export.

The need to make more inventors, innovators and discoverers is paramount for the country’s economy. We have some of the most brilliant minds in the world and we can do wonders. It’s only that we need to create the right environment for students to explore the possibilities of their ingenuity.

We at Nischal Learning Solutions understand that the primary requisite for creating innovative minds and young creators is experiential learning. This can be addressed with the provision of good laboratories in schools; however, many schools don’t have premium laboratories.

Nischal Learning Solutions have come up with an innovative solution to address this issue. We have come with unique laboratories where students can conduct experiments. These laboratory activities can be integrated with their classroom teaching and learning practices. Our laboratories are cost effective solutions for school managements who want to provide value based educated education.

If you are part of a school management, or a decision maker in a school, please feel free to get demonstrations of how our labs work.

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