Every Student Needs a Laboratory

Amazing things come out of experimentation!

While Newton had a mischievous apple tree to comprehend gravity, all that we have is a textbook and a teacher who painstakingly tries to make us understand. Would this work? It doesn’t most often!  Over the years, the drudgery of students is to understand and master concepts that they can neither see nor visualize. I mean who has seen atoms? Who has seen gravity?

Apart from this, scientists who have worked on them devoted their life span to postulate these concepts! Now, is it easy for students to understand these complex topics? No.

The average seventh grade student in India is barraged with so many complex theories that one should pity them for not understanding them rather than censuring. The schools and the education boards have well meaning intentions. They want the students to excel in the subjects of science so that they can forge ahead to create a better nation.

The teachers also put in good efforts to see to it that all students are on the same page. As for the students, they make all the effort to understand whatever they can and the rest has to be learnt by rote! It is for this reason that you see students rely more on memorizing rather than understanding.

Students can parrot concepts now. They pass out with good grades yet they are not what we all aimed they would become. One the way, something is amiss. Yes and that something is the process of experiential learning. One can hear this concept of experiential learning often when it comes to preschooling, but its significance in later schooling is not realized.

During the course of schooling, students learn many abstract and complex concepts. They either consume a lot of logical and imaginative abilities or a little bit of visualization. For some reason, the concept of learning by seeing and visualizing has not caught up in India. Maybe, it is for this reason that we have so many engineers and so little breakthroughs in terms of discoveries or inventions.

However, there is a sea change in the thought process of schools and the education boards in general and they have realized that importance of laboratories. Laboratories don’t let you see atoms, but they would certainly help students in understanding key concepts with ease.

The famous visual learning style says that visual/spatial thinkers need to see things to think. There is a fair bit of truth in this and more schools are focusing on providing infrastructure for laboratories. This might take a while to take shape, but there are other solutions.

Nischal Learning Solutions is the brainchild of a conviction to provide high quality educational experiences. We believe that every student deserves a laboratory and it is for this reason that we have come up with our innovative laboratories. We have the wherewithal to provide high quality laboratory experiments to students and schools.

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