Benefits of Vedic Mathematics

Benefits of Vedic Mathematics

India has been credited with some advanced mathematical discoveries at a very early time compared to the rest of the world.   It is a matter of great pride and honor for us that the early proponents of what we call modern mathematics,  were jewels from India like Aryabhata, Brahmagupta,   Bhaskara II, Varamhira,  Mahavira, Madhava, Srinivasa ramanujam just to name a few.  India’s first satellite was in fact named after the renowned mathematician-astronomer Aryabhata.

Be it the value of pi, roots of modern trigonometry, introduction of  zero or shunya, division by zero, the Sulba sutras explaining Pythagoras triples, geometry; decimal place value number system, standard arithmetic algorithms, theory of permutations and combinations, sampling theory etc.., all of these were the product of the remarkable efforts and wisdom of our visionaries.

The very fact that the theory of permutations and combinations is built into the Vedic meter or that Rigveda gives a beautiful account of the game of dice, which is the foundation of the theory of probability, speaks volumes of our deeply ingrained wisdom much before the rest of the world woke up.

Vedic mathematics, the name itself extols the greatness and wisdom of our sages of yore.  It was rumoured to be adapted from the Vedas around the period from 1911 to 1918 by Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaj.  There have been varied opinions on whether Vedic mathematics,   have anything to do with Vedas or not as famously propounded by their connoisseurs.

Vedic mathematics is increasingly finding acceptance the world over with their simple but effective methods of problem solving.  It has been heralded as a welcome change to a subject that has been generally dreaded by children.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the world began to look up to a new system of calculation called Vedic mathematics amidst rising interest in Sanskrit verses in Europe.  It was even famously professed by Maharishi Mahesh yogi that the Sutras of Vedic Mathematics are the software for the cosmic computer.

Vedic mathematics emphasizes on the view that anyone can be potentially a lightning calculator on complete understanding and application of its principles.

Some of the features of Vedic arithmetic are as follows:

  • It encourages students to be more creative at problem solving by using more than one method for a particular situation.
  • Focus is on harvesting of the potentials of the brain, putting it to good use rather than a calculator.
  • Calculations can often be carried out from right to left or from left to right.
  • Does not insist on the contemporary analytical approach, hence makes students more intuitive, attentive towards the once “dreadful chore.”
  • As the focus is more on mental calculation, mental abilities improve to a fairly large extent.
  • The elements of coherence and unification of the Vedic system appeal makes mathematics more easy, fun, enjoyable and appealing.
  • Instead of learning by repetition, Vedic Mathematics involves logic and understanding the fundamental concepts.
  • Improves concept clarity.

It is high time we rose to the occasion and embraced this age old science and do our bit to provide an enriched learning experience for our younger generation. Nischal Learning provides special partnership programs in Vedic mathematics to schools. We provide training with a team of expert trainers who inspire students to excel in mathematics.


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